Details on Boys Golf Shoes

Kids also participate in golf sports and this has forced the manufacturers to come up with designs that will fit them. The boys’ golf shoes are almost similar to men’s when it comes to the basic features.
boys golf shoesAll golf shoes have to offer comfort as the most basic element. Kids are used to running up and down, thus there are high chances that they will constantly slip off. This is where golf shoes are recommended to them as well. Golf shoes help in maintaining traction while at the same time, no damage is subjected to the turf. Boys’ golf shoes vary from one brand to another, depending on the designs, materials used and quality of the materials.

Types of boys’ golf shoes

A few examples of companies that deal with the manufacturing of kid’s golf shoes include Nike, Adidas and much more. Adidas junior youth Adicross II is a good type of golf shoes recommendable for boys. One feature that can be easily noticed with this brand is that it is spike less. In place of the spikes, the shoe has contours in order to facilitate the firm grip to the ground. This product from Adidas can be worn by both male and female children. The golf shoes cost $60, but this is not a fixed price. It is advisable to take advantage of the discount offers that have been put in place by different stores.
Nike has come up with Nike Golf Range junior. This brand can be worn by both little and big kids because they are in different sizes. The upper part of this gold shoes is made up of synthetic leather that is waterproof. Additional comfort is assured because the shoe comes with full-length Phylon midsole cushioning. The outsole is made of rubber and it has no spikes on it, but rather it has contours.

Further details of kids’ golf shoes

Kid’s golf shoes need to be cleaned as well because they are prone to dirt and sand found on the turf. The cleaning procedures for golf shoes vary depending on the materials that are used to come up with. Cleaning is essential because it will keep the shoes functional for a longer period of time and it does not cost one a lot money to do it. If the shoe is made up of leather, then the cleaning process is much easier because it is waterproof. Spikes need to be replaced once per season or if one of them breaks.

Cleaning golf shoes

The upper part of golf shoes should be cleaned with mild soap and water with the help of a towel. On the scuff marks, one is advised to use shoe polish; the color of the shoe polish should match the color of the marks. Dirt accumulates on the spikes and they need to be cleaned with mild soap and water. Sand may accumulate and it can be removed with a stiff brush that involves brushing off through the spikes. Regular care and maintenance of golf shoes should be observed, such as spike replacement, waterproofing and much more.

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