FootJoy Golf Shoes on Sale

Golf shoes from FootJoy can be found in many locations, such as FootJoy dealers, stores and much more. The prices vary from one dealer to another as well as the quality of the materials used in coming up with the shoes. Over the years, FootJoy has gained fame because of the quality of products that they have innovated and introduced into the market. Stiff competition is being seen in the golf shoes manufacturing world to an extent that technology is being incorporated into the designs.
FootJoy Golf Shoes on Sale
This article will highlight the various FootJoy golf shoes on sale while focusing on the features that make these products more admirable from the golf players.

FootJoy golf shoes on sale

Golf shoes from FootJoy have designed for men and women, but the designs vary across gender. There are many golf shoes brands that have been introduced into the market and one of them is FootJoy ICON golf shoes. FJ ICON has embraced both full grain and exquisite calfskin leathers. This design can be found in different colors. The outsole has been infused into the design giving support to the upper part of the shoe. The FJ ICON costs $240, but this is not a fixed price tag. The brand also comes in different sizes and one can easily place his/her order online.
Another product from FootJoy is FJ ICON Spikeless go shoes. The shoes go for about $180, but at the moment a discount offer is in place and they cost $130; a $50 dollar reduction. FJ ICON Spikeless not only can it be worn in the golf field, but it can be used in other destinations. This design gives the wearer a modern look. The shoe brand is made up of premium full grain leather uppers that are waterproof and give the player a comfortable, durable and breathable atmosphere. The feature on waterproof is assured for two years, thus its longevity is assured as well.

Additional details on golf shoes from FJ

FJ INCON spike less has more to offer in terms of the inner features that it possesses. It has a full leather lining that adds to the comfort, breathability and slip resistance of the shoe. The heel of this golf shoe is narrow due to the presence of the laser last that fits easily into the foot of the wearer. The outsole does not have spikes, but it has been designed in a manner that traction is facilitated together with stability.

Conclusion on FJ golf shoes

FootJoy DNA is another brand that is on sale. It is covered with leather that is durable and lightweight. The product also assures the customer of a two year waterproof protection. The manufacturer has incorporated the athletic design through the use of the latest technology. A 3D foam collar is used to mold into the ankle for support, fit and comfort. The outsole has spikes for traction and they can be easily replaced if they break or for proper functioning. In conclusion, it is advisable to visit FJ shops to try out what best suits one’s needs.

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